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Hans Toes

In 2003 I started my own business, most important reason was to work much closer with organizations. My challenge is to fully understand the DNA of an organization and to be able to offer custom-made help and solutions.

Like a natural process, the range of services I offer has grown into a combination of training-coaching-organization advice.

I sometimes describe myself as a ‘sportsman’. Practicing sports learnt me a lot about myself and others, such as dealing with setbacks, unreasonable emotions, a winning mood, perseverance and team dynamics. It increased my mental resilience.

Key words about my personal trademark: driven, respectful and creative. My goal is to add value and to get the most out of people (always looking for someone’s talents and limits).

Hans learned the trade at Gooiconsult, where he worked as a trainer-coach-advisor for ten years. In this intensive and instructive period, he learned how to observe and analyse sharply and critically and combine it with his intuitive power. Throughout those years he was given the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes of many companies and acquire extensive experience.

Tanja de Boer

I have worked with TO&S Consultancy as a project coordinator since 2007. What inspires me is that our motto ‘JUST DO IT’ in capital letters’ is also applicable to us. Throughout the years I have managed to create my own business within TO&S consultancy. My challenge is to manage processes and projects down to the last detail.
Keywords about my personal trademark: dicrete, interested, unburdening and resolute.

Tanja also worked for Gooiconsult (to support trainers and organize projects). In the past she fulfilled other commercial/administrative jobs and operated as a branch manager with a job agency.


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